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My wife suffers from eczema and we have tried almost everything there is to soothe her itch. It got to a point where I went to school to learn neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis to help with her "itchy attacks." She has had eczema since she was very little so finding some way to tame the beast was definitely a trial.

After seven years of analyzing (and countless hours of research) what could be the potential underlying factors to her eczema, we found it! There were a combination of things that sparked the major "itchy attacks" and a few things that would aggravate the smaller "itchy attacks."

In the newsletter I give details of how we were able to find the source of the eczema for my wife and how we remedied the underlying factors. Our story is one of many that are featured in the newsletter. We hope that by learning what methods, products, and ideas have helped others, it will help you on your road to a smooth, clear, itch-free life.

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